When is an Eye Check Necessary?

when is an eye check necessary

The best rule of thumb is to have an eye check at least once a year. This is because your vision changes over the course of a year. However, if you are over the age of 50, you should get an eye exam more frequently. People with diabetes and those with a family history of eye conditions should also have their eyes checked more often. If you ever wondered when is an eye check necessary, this article might be for you. If you ever have any of the following symptoms make sure to contact your eye doctor and book an appointment for a check-up. Also, make sure to check out Cyprus Eye Doctors and learn about all the eye treatments available.


If you notice your eyes squinting or have difficulty seeing objects clearly, you need to have a comprehensive eye exam done as soon as possible. Squinting is a sign of several problems that can affect your vision. During an eye exam, an optometrist will dilate your eyes and assess your vision. If you or a loved one seems to show signs of eye problems, such as frequent turning their heads to look at objects, or if they fail to meet certain developmental milestones when younger ages then a quick check-up at the eye doctor is the best solution. Several different causes can cause squinting, including near-sightedness or farsightedness. Older lenses can also cause squinting. Getting a new pair of glasses with the right prescription can save your eyes from unnecessary strain.

Dry eyes

There are many different tests your eye doctor can perform for dry eyes. These tests will determine whether your eyes produce enough tears to maintain moisture. Your doctor will determine the appropriate diagnostic tests based on your symptoms and your overall health. If your doctor suspects you may have another eye disease, they may recommend other tests. Before your appointment, make sure to write down your symptoms and any other important information. You’ll also want to list any medications, vitamins, or supplements you may be taking. Also, consider asking questions to ensure your eye specialist gets the right information.

High risk of eye diseases

Just like so many other types of diseases that can be hereditary, eye problems and diseases can also be an issue if other members of the family seem to have developed different eye problems in the past. These hereditary eye issues can be out of someone’s control, and it is only best to have regular check-ups to make sure that if they do appear, they will not be damaging to your health. So if you do have a family history of diseases like cataract, diabetic retinopathy, glaucoma and others, then a regular check-up will only be helpful to prevent the worst. Also, people who wear contact lenses and people who have had some sort of eye surgery in the past should be aware of dangers like infections and they should have an eye appointment regularly.


If you feel like your eyes are irritated, they seem to burn or have any type of redness or itchiness then you should book an appointment with your eye doctor. There are many types of allergies that can cause these symptoms and if they are not treated with proper medication and care then they can get worse over time. The atmosphere can be full of different kinds of germs and bacteria and contact with the eyes, can irritate, and infect the eyes. If you feel like your eyes seem to have any type of irritation, then the best solution is to visit the doctor and get the medication needed.

Headaches and dizziness

The eyes are connected to our brain and when any incident that can cause head trauma can at the same time affect the eyes in many ways. If for any reason, feel dizziness or have constant headaches that can be linked to many eye problems someone might have. Some other instances that indicate that someone probably needs an eye check-up are if they get motion sick very easily or have difficulty following a target.

The above reasons can be a very important reminder that someone needs to have an eye check. Our eyes can be very precious and are very important to our life. So, we need to take care of them and be able to recognise if any problems occur at any time in our life.  Check-ups can only prevent any type of issues having a regular appointment with your eye doctor will only be beneficial to your eyes and health in general.