What are the Three Types of Eye Doctors

three types of eye doctors

There are three types of eye doctors out there. It is important for people to recognize the difference between the three types of eye specialists so that when in need, people will be able to recognize the type of doctor they need to be referred to for their eye problem.

The Optometric

Optometrists are not medical doctors but healthcare professionals that are specialized in performing vision tests and they primarily offer advice and treatments to improve the vision of the eye. The optometrists don’t go to medical school, but they graduate from optometry school. They are also the ones who write prescriptions for eyewear. If you need your vision to be checked, then the optometric is the eye specialist you will need to be in contact with for your eye care.

The Ophthalmologist

Ophthalmologists are the doctors of eye specialists. They are the ones who attend medical school, and they are advanced in more serious eye issues and more complex and specific conditions of the eyes. Ophthalmologists are also the ones who perform surgery for more serious issues they might diagnose, but they are also able to work with vision-related issues just like an Optometric. They can give prescriptions for eyewear but also diagnose any other kind of condition you might have and need specific treatment or medication for.

The Optician

Opticians are not medical doctors either. They are the ones responsible for the eyewear or contact lens prescription. They are the ones who measure the face and the distance between the eyes so they can create the best eyewear fit for the consumers. they are also the ones who advise the right frames for the customer’s needs and activities, and they are also responsible for replacing or repairing broken lenses. There are specific certificate and degree programs to study to become an optician. They can take one or two years to complete. When the optometric or the ophthalmologist gives you a prescription for your eyes, then the optician in the specialist to visit for it.

The above specialist is equally important in society for eye care treatments. Being able to recognize each one’s purpose and knowing their job description and the responsibilities each one has can help you understand what kind of specialist you need to visit for a specific treatment you may need. Learn more about our Ophthalmologists at Cyprus Eye Doctors and find more information about our services, treatments and surgeries available.